Welcome to Held By A String!Edit

Held By A String wiki is a collaborative wiki based on the Youtube role play series with the same name, Held by a String. It features animated characters from both Disney and Non Disney movies. It deals with Gods, Goddess, Demi-Gods, and Humans, all revolving around the Book of Life and it's current possessor, who has of late hidden it so that no one but she can find it.

What is 'Held By A String' about?Edit

Goddess of Chaos, Eris, stole the Book of Life, leaving every single human life in the palms of her hands. Enraged, the Gods imprisoned her in the body of a mermaid as well as an underwater prison. However, she hid the book before the Gods got to her and now it is lost to everyone else. In an attempt to get out, Eris wrote a letter to the humans (finding them weak enough to believe her) saying that the Gods had imprisoned her for nothing (obviously not mentioning that she is the Goddess of Chaos) and offering a reward for the help.

'Held By A String' was created by AlixMProduction, inspired by the many different role play groups on Youtube. This wiki is to help keep track of the different characters.

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