Eris (Ariel) is portrayed by Eris from Sinbad and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She is played by AlixMProduction.

Goddess Of ChaosEdit

Eris is the Goddess of Chaos and enjoys messing with people's lives (hence why she stole the famous Book of Life). Her powers seem unlimited in her goddess form, being able to shape shift, disappear before your eyes, grow or shrink in size, destroy things, and so on. However, she does have her limits and weakness, but she will not reveal them to anyone, ever, end of story.


In her mermaid form, Eris' powers are bound and that's why she needs help from the humans to escape. However, she has the power to entrance any human with her singing. However, they must be within a mile radius and it only lasts for about twenty minutes. Aside from this, she can change her fins to legs if she wants to. These, however, seem trivial to what she used to be able to do and she's trying to find a way to get back to her old form. So as not to alarm people who do not know that Eris was imprisoned in the form of a mermaid, she goes by the name Ariel.


Eris has been around as long as time; has there ever been a time when there was no chaos? She has always loved messing with people be they human or gods. Even though most of the other gods don't like what she's done in the past, they've let it slide because they know there needs to be a balance between good and evil and the world needs a little bit of chaos. But when Eris decides to create the ultimate chaos by stealing the Book of Life, the gods had had enough. For Eris to have the life of the humans in her very hand? That was deadly and could upset the blance of the world. So, they imprisoned her in the body of mermaid and in an underwater prison where she has since been held capture, awaiting her escape.


Apate [Lilo] - Apate is Eris' daughter.

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